Woman with painful bite

How Our Mouth Bite Changes Throughout Adulthood

Whenever we look at younger photos of ourselves, we may notice how some of our essential features, such as our eyes, nose, and lips, change to accommodate for our growth into adulthood. Our facial features continue to change throughout our lives, and while each of us ages at different rates, our facial physiology plays an […]

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Choosing Floss

Brush Then Floss, Or Floss Then Brush?

Of all the questions you’ve asked about brushing your teeth, likely, which order to brush or floss in hasn’t been one of them. While the answer may seem obvious on the surface, there’s more to it than you may suspect. Most of us immediately default to brushing and then flossing. We’re going to consider the […]

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Dentin Sensitivity Attack

Dentin Sensitivity And How To Overcome It

One of the common symptoms reported by dental patients is that of dentin hypersensitivity. Symptoms typically appear when a tooth is exposed to chemical or thermal stimulation that results in pain or extreme sensitivity. Dentin is the yellow, porous material that is located directly beneath the enamel layer of your teeth. Also known as dentin […]

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Woman with white spot lesions

Your Role In Preventing White-Spot Lesions

It can be an exciting day when you first receive your braces. You know that you’re at the start of a long road that will end with a beautiful smile. You’ll be able to share it boldly, knowing that your straightened teeth are flawless. However, during the process of wearing braces, you have to take […]

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Orthodontic Care

Orthodontics: Aesthetic Choice or Medical Necessity

When considering the cost to benefit ratio of orthodontics, aesthetics frequently come up. There’s a misguided concern that orthodontic care is primarily an aesthetic choice rather than a medical one. The truth of this perception is far more complex. It’s undeniable that the end result of orthodontic treatment is a much-improved smile. However, the long-term […]

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Palatal Expander

Rapid Palatal Expanders vs Niti Palatal Expanders

Palatal expanders work to prevent malocclusion, or misaligned bites, from affecting the growth and progression of your child’s teeth. These orthodontic devices work as both a treatment and prevention method to help expand the upper palate and widen the upper jaw to prevent the onset of misaligned teeth, which present a greater risk for cavities […]

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An orthodontic splint

Splint Therapy and How It’s Used To Treat TMJ

Our TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, is one of the most critical joints in our body. While primarily thought of for its role in connecting the jaw to our skull, it has a larger importance. In addition to its use in speaking and chewing, it’s also been found to play a role in our posture. Despite […]

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Important Minerals In Your Diet To Support Healthy Teeth

There’s a lot of talk about what our teeth need to be healthy. Most of the time, this talk focuses on foods to avoid, like sugary snacks. Our oral structures are more complicated than we often give them credit for being. This fact is one reason why they require a full range of vitamins and […]

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Floss and Toothbrush

Discover If You Should Be Flossing Before Your Brush

No one needs to tell you how important it is to practice good oral hygiene. The results of keeping to a steady routine are fewer cavities and less gum disease. These benefits aren’t the end of the good news, though! A steady oral hygiene routine will keep your teeth white and your breath smelling fresh. […]

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A Child Drinking Milk

Discovering The Risks Posed To Your Oral Health By Vitamin D Deficiency

If you remember anything from the countless dairy commercials you’ve seen throughout your life, you know that it’s essential to get enough Vitamin D. In addition to milk, it’s possible to get this vital nutrient from eggs, fish, red meat, and a variety of vegetables. Not getting enough of this crucial nutrient can lead to […]

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Woman using an asthma spray

The Interrelation of Our Oral Health And Respiratory Concerns Like Asthma

Out of all people in the United States, nearly 10% of them suffer from one degree of asthma or another. The experience of each of those affected may vary, but the overall struggles involved with living with this condition are similar. Complications from living with asthma can make it difficult to perform well in school, […]

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Orthodontic bonding being put in place

How Orthodontic Bonding Adhesive Can Protect Against Decay

Dental bonding is an essential part of installing braces, aligners, and other retainers used to straighten teeth for orthodontists. Bonding works to use dental materials to adhere to the tooth’s surface and then cure those materials to harden them and strengthen them for treatment. Bonding procedures, however, aren’t just used for braces – they are […]

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Healthy Foods

Protecting Your Teeth And Gums With Five Critical Nutrients

Keeping up the amount of Vitamin D and calcium we get as part of our daily nutrients is considered an important part of developing healthy teeth and bones. What if we told you that it doesn’t stop there, though? While these two nutrients do represent the most frequently cited things that are important for good […]

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A selection of toothbrushes

How To Be an Eco-Hero While Brushing Your Teeth Everyday

If you’re like most smile-conscious Americans, you make sure to brush your teeth twice a day, floss, and give a swish with mouthwash to keep your pearly whites sparkling. If you’re also one of the growing numbers of people who want to make sure they leave a better planet for coming generations, then finding a […]

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Elderly patients on a jawbone model

How Alzheimer’s Disease Impacts Patient’s Oral Health

Alzheimer’s disease most often impacts them in traumatic ways for many families, causing irreversible side effects that form great distress among loved ones. The impact of this disease needs more awareness to help foster understanding and compassion. On the medical side of this condition, physicians, researchers, and specialists all need to work together to foster […]

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Cup of coffee surrounded by beans

How Drinking Coffee May Prevent Cavities

Coffee has made its way into many people’s hearts (and stomachs!) as one of the most satisfying drinks that we run on. But for many people, who on average consume about two cups of coffee a day, this delicious and bitter drink has been heavily contributed to numerous oral health problems, including discoloration and even […]

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Woman peeling wallpaper to reveal black mold

The Potential Risk of Cavities From Black Mold

Plaque accumulation, medication use, and poor oral hygiene are often the main reasons why people develop cavities. Cavities are a reoccurring factor that, according to the ADA, over 90% of people have had at least once in their lives. Because cavities continue to be a consistent issue for dentists to overcome, many times, the more obscure […]

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Toothbrush on the beach

How To Make Your Dental Hygiene Routine Sustainable

In every part of our daily hygiene routine, you can find plastic, and it’s become increasingly clear that plastic is terrible for our environment. From the packaging for the toothbrushes to the tubes used for our toothpaste, plastic is everywhere. Mouthwash and floss containers just add to the problem, making dental hygiene a major contributor […]

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Woman smiling holding apple

When Will Cavities Become a Thing of The Past?

Orthodontists are known to work on the alignment of teeth and specialize in this form of dentistry to prevent cavity development. Cavity prevention is a universal standard that the dentistry field constantly invests in, and this concept has become our primary goal for helping patients receive better oral health treatment. Cavities have mostly been controlled, […]

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How Your Oral Hygiene Routine May Be Hurting The Environment

Environmental awareness has been an increasing trend over the past few decades, with more and more people becoming aware of just how serious our impact on the planet can be. From oil spills to mountains of plastic waste ending up in rivers, landfills, and the ocean, humans have a dramatic impact. While many of us […]

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Protruding teeth

Causes Of Protruding Teeth And The Associated Dental Risks

Many patients who live with protruding teeth avoid orthodontic treatment believing that it’s only an aesthetic concern, but the issues related conditions can create go beyond the aesthetic. Overbite and other conditions resulting in protruding teeth have been associated with higher instances of dental trauma, especially among younger patients. Conditions involving protruding teeth affect 85% […]

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Copper Dentures

How Nickel, Copper, and Cobalt Changing Braces

Traditional metal braces and orthodontics have been an ever-evolving concept since the 18th century; At the same time, many ancient civilizations worked with fiber and tooth extractions, the concept of changing the palette and tooth alignment over time became a revolutionary idea that has made today’s orthodontics highly advanced, painless, and successful. New metals such […]

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Man holding cheek in pain

Do Wisdom Teeth Affect Your Oral Health?

Wisdom teeth are a unique aspect of our dental anatomy. Originally wisdom teeth are believed to be an evolutionary answer to our ancestors’ strict diet, who chewed stiff leaves, roots, and nuts. Nowadays, our diets consist of softer foods high in energy, and today, these teeth have become an unnecessary evolutionary addition to our teeth. […]

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Woman Smiling With B races

How Nickel, Copper, and Cobalt are Changing Braces

Traditional metal braces and orthodontics have been an ever-evolving concept since the 18th century; At the same time, many ancient civilizations worked with fiber and tooth extractions, the concept of changing the palette and tooth alignment over time became a revolutionary idea that has made today’s orthodontics highly advanced, painless, and successful. New metals such […]

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Woman Grimacing From Poorly Fit Braces

DIY Braces: How This Fad Can Hurt Your Teeth

No matter where you go these days, you can find life-hacks and Do-it-Yourself instructions for just about anything. While this makes sense when you’re looking to make a new soap holder for your bathroom, most of us would stop short at DIY medical care. In spite of this, there has been a rising tide of […]

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7 Common types of malocclusion (1)

7 Common Types of Malocclusion that Your Orthodontist Can Fix

Although most people recognize orthodontic treatment for its ability to straighten crooked teeth, another main aspect pertains to properly aligning the bite. In orthodontics, the phrase “bite” is used to describe the way your top teeth come together with your bottom teeth. When your top and bottom teeth do not come together correctly, this is […]

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How to clean your retainer

How to Clean Your Retainer

After undergoing active orthodontic treatment, you will need to wear a retainer to keep your new smile perfectly in place. This is the case no matter what method you used to straighten your teeth and it is required after both traditional metal braces and clear aligners. When you complete active orthodontic treatment, it is not […]

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How Your Orthodontist Fixes a Crossbite

How Your Orthodontist Fixes a Crossbite

Did you know that the way your bite is aligned can cause your teeth to be crooked? In fact, this is called malocclusion and there are different types that can affect the position of your teeth. For this reason, orthodontic treatment is not only designed to straighten your teeth, but to align your bite as […]

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What You Need to Know About Protruding Teeth

What You Need to Know About Protruding Teeth

One common problem that orthodontists often see are teeth that stick out too far from the mouth.These protruding teeth, also sometimes referred to as buck teeth, can negatively affect the appearance and function of the teeth and jaw, depending on their severity. Some cases may be hardly noticeable, while others may be so severe that […]

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How to Prevent Stains From Braces

How to Prevent Stains from Braces

Caring for your teeth during orthodontic treatment is slightly different than how you would normally care for your teeth. This is especially true if you are undergoing orthodontic treatment with metal or ceramic braces. Not only is it important to practice good oral hygiene as a way of preventing gum disease and tooth decay during […]

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