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“Dr. Massih is honestly the best orthodontic Dentist in California!

I’ve known her for three years now and she’s done an outstanding job on my son’s teeth. My son’s adult front tooth wouldn’t come down after the baby tooth fell out. Dr Massih’s treatment was 100% effective.

My son’s teeth are now looking amazing. I am thoroughly impressed at how kind and generous Dr. Massih is. She is very caring and she is very clean and thorough. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking for an orthodontist dentist! She’s the best!

Thank you Dr. Massih for all the care you gave my son😊”


Dr Massih is one of the best doctors I’ve ever been to!  She answers all of my questions and actually listens, which not every doctor does.  When I first came in for a consultation, she explained everything to me so clearly. I had also brought my daughter in to be seen and Dr. Massih checked her out and said we could wait on her.  You can tell that she is really genuine and honest and knowledgable.  Now my teeth look awesome, and my daughter is about to get her braces.  My daughter loves Dr. Massih too. She’s the best!


I LOVE DR. MASSIH!! I’ve been going to her for one year. I’m at the end of my invisalign and am so excited to see the results. This doctor is so smart, caring, patient, funny and has been there for me from day 1. She is so busy, yet will stop and give me personal attention for all of my OCD questions!! She is one of those rare people who really cares!
I’ve had braces before and didn’t do my after care so this time I have been diligent to do everything they have told me. She sent me to a dentist to check my teeth and we decided to go a little different direction, they talked and there was a Holiday in between. I thought, “Oh great now I’m going to have to wait a week to see what she sais”. Nope, she called me THAT DAY to tell me what the new plan was and that my trays were ordered. She’s on top of everything and she had invisalign herself so when I tell her things she shakes her head and we laugh because she really does know what I’m talking about.
I know this is long winded, but it’s so rare to find a  Dentist/Orthodontist that you Love!! I recommend going to see Dr. Massih if you don’t love your teeth. They take payments and she is Awesome!!! She will line out your plan and help you decide if it will work for you. And she will treat you like your her only patient the whole time!! Kudos to you Dr. Massih!!! You Rock!!! 🙂 So excited for my new smile thanks to YOU!!!

Dr. Massih – She wants to do what’s right, not what’s fast. She truly understands what my goals with my teeth are/ what I would like to see change. She explains everything thoroughly, ensuring I understand exactly why they’re doing what they’re doing.


She always makes us feel important and welcome.  Dr. Massih is always happy to personally sit down with us, at each and every visit, and answer our questions as well as discuss our son’s goals, needs, and treatment options.


It’s been a pleasure to know Dr. Massih.  She is very professional, caring, sweet, and overall she is an excellent orthodontist. I’m glad that my daughter received treatment with her. She has given my daughter a beautiful smile. I highly recommend Dr. Massih!


Dr. Massih is the best. She takes good care of my family to give us that perfect million dollar smile.


I love bringing my kids to Massih Orthodontics! Dr. Massih has been amazing since day one.  She is very approachable and understanding, and is one of the few Doctors that truly cares and listens to our concerns. She has been very thorough in explaining my children’s treatment and has been able to answer all of my questions without me having to say one word.   My kids love coming here and we would never go anywhere else! I would highly recommend Massih Orthodontics to anybody who wants a beautiful smile!