Woman With Happy Smile at Dentist Office

How To Care For Your Braces Effectively During Orthodontic Treatment

Going for orthodontic therapy will allow your teeth to be professionally straightened, which is the main advantage. Orthodontic treatment may be your best choice if you’ve been unhappy with how your teeth look for a long time. If the appearance of your teeth has brought on your low self-esteem, you should certainly give it some […]

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Band Student Playing Trumpet

How To Keep Making Music in Band With Braces

Those who have lived their lives with misaligned teeth are often excited at the prospect of having a beautiful smile with straight teeth. However, it’s important to remember that receiving braces means making some accommodations for them. Modern braces are notably less intrusive than their predecessors, but they can still make some things more challenging. […]

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Child with Dental Anxiety at Dentist office

Reducing Anxiety About Braces in Children

Many children experience anxiety when they find out they need braces. Even if your child seems excited about braces, they can be nervous during their first appointments. Braces are fitted and tightened for the first time during the first few appointments. It can be challenging to calm your child when they’re anxious about getting braces. […]

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Young Child Showing Off Orthodontic Care

When Should My Child See An Orthodontist?

When the topic of orthodontic care comes up, parents are often surprised to learn that their child is late for their first visit. In the minds of many, orthodontic care doesn’t become necessary until your child is well into their teenage years. However, the first orthodontic visit should happen far earlier than that. Specifically, your […]

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Early Orthodontic Care

When Is Early Orthodontic Treatment Necessary?

Sometimes, some children need early orthodontic treatment to ensure that their permanent teeth grow correctly. Treating potential orthodontic issues can reduce crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and gaps. Most children can be seen by an orthodontist as early as seven. While this isn’t necessary for all children, a parent might notice something that concerns them.  The […]

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Child with Braces

At What Age Should My Child First Visit An Orthodontist?

One topic often glossed over when considering children’s dental care is the importance of their first orthodontic visit. It’s common for parents to assume that an orthodontic visit is only necessary if evidence of some related concern is present. However, your orthodontist can do more for your child than address an existing problem. When you […]

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Teledental Care

How Teleorthodontic Care Makes Dental Visits Better

At first glance, teledentistry may appear less useful on the surface. But modern technology has dramatically enhanced how dentists use this type of care. For orthodontists, teledentistry can provide care options that revolutionize how they interact with patients on both a short-term and long-term scale. Let’s look at the ways that teledentistry is expanding orthodontics […]

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Man Holding Aligners and Tooth Model

Why More Men Are Seeking Out Cosmetic Dental Treatment

For many years it was common for the number of men seeking cosmetic dentistry to fall far under that of women. However, over the past few decades, a changing view of masculinity and self-care has led to more men seeking cosmetic dental treatments. Men today tend to be more conscientious of their appearance and go […]

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Child Posing with Mouth Guard

How CAD/CAM Technology Helps Us Create Your Orthodontic Treatment

CAD/CAM technology is shaping dentistry. Abbreviated from computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing, this type of technology produces ceramic restorations such as crowns, onlays, inlays, and veneers. For orthodontists, this technology has a significant role in designing appliances and prosthetics such as aligners, retainers, and mouth guards. Over the past 20 years, dentistry has begun seeing the value […]

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Dental Imagery

Digital Imaging and Virtual Planning In Dentistry

The advance of dental technology has significantly impacted how physicians provide care. While dental health standards have changed over time, and new treatment methods have been introduced, the underlying technology makes the most significant difference. Among these technologies, it’s quite possible that dental imaging is the most important in terms of recent innovations. Using advanced […]

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Woman with Jaw Pain

What is Adjunctive Orchestrated Orthodontic Therapy?

Many people who would otherwise benefit from orthodontic treatments have previously found themselves hesitant due to the length of the process. There’s been a growing trend of providers who have opted to obtain a secondary certification in orthodontics. As a result, there’s greater availability of orthodontic treatment. Specifically, adjunctive orchestrated orthodontics has been offered at […]

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Dental Mouth Model with Tools

The Top Aesthetic and Restorative Products Used By Orthodontists

Performing a task well requires three different things. You must have the proper skillset. You need the right materials to do the job. You need the right tools to bring those two things together well. Creating a beautiful dental restoration requires that your dentist have these conditions met. Using the right tool is one of […]

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Ceramic Orthodontics

How Accelerated Orthodontics Is Improving Oral Health Care

Advances in orthodontic care have led to the creation of accelerated orthodontics. These new approaches to orthodontic care allow patients to experience the benefits of orthodontic realignment without a mouthful of metal. Even better, they are faster and more effective than previous approaches to treating malocclusion. If you’ve ever considered straightening misaligned teeth or addressing […]

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orthodontic bonding

When Orthodontic Treatment Becomes Necessary For Oral Health

A medical practitioner’s central goal is to improve their client’s health. Dentists work hard to help their patients maintain a smile that’s healthy for a lifetime. One of the core principles of this pursuit is ensuring that the patient retains all their teeth. At a time, extraction was a central part of any dental healthcare […]

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Dental Microscope

New Tech Improving Today’s Orthodontic Industry

 Several advances in digital technology have been changing the face of orthodontic care. These advances have enabled these professionals to serve a broader range of patients. The results they achieve are more predictable and happen quicker than ever before. This is due to advances that make it possible to move teeth more precisely than ever. […]

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Orthodontic Appliance

Ensure Your Orthodontic Journey Is Successful

Receiving orthodontic treatment can be a serious game-changer. The result tends to be a beautiful, straight smile and a great improvement in your oral health. Achieving these results does require notable attention to detail when it comes to caring for your braces. These orthodontic devices have come a long way since their initial creation. They’ve […]

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Woman Smiling At Dentist

How Aesthetics and Orthodontics Work Together

When discussing dental care, most people immediately gravitate to the teeth and gums. However, there’s far more to this medical profession than just these structures. It also involves the temporomandibular joint, sensory, and cardiovascular systems. The various treatments and procedures used during dental care can impact our appearance and facial aesthetics. Through this kind of […]

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Digital Inner Tooth Vector Image

What Are Dentofacial Deformities and How Are They Treated?

Dentofacial deformities occur in the oral cavity or the skull’s front (facial) portion. While these conditions can be mild, they can also present a significant struggle to the patient in question. These deformities come in many forms, including jaw orientation, position, or size issues. These concerns may be traumatic, congenital, or nongenetic. Certain habits, such […]

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Virus Vector Image

How The Covid-19 Pandemic Has Affected Orthodontic Care

The way we receive dental care is just one thing that was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been an increasing reliance on teledentistry whenever possible, and many offices have drifted towards a contactless form. The truth is that many of the changes that came as a response to pandemics are likely here to […]

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Clear Aligner

Short-Term Orthodontics: Breaking Down Barriers In Cosmetics

The goal of orthodontic care is to address malocclusion or improper positioning of the teeth in a closed mouth. Using orthodontic appliances and years of experience, your dentist can produce meaningful changes in your smile. Some types of orthodontic care require treatment that takes years to complete. This meant long periods of time spent with […]

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Orthodontic anchorage model

What Are Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs)?

Temporary anchorage devices are some of the least talked about orthodontic appliances out there but can be an excellent choice for patients with misaligned teeth to receive gradual tooth movement. As the name implies, these devices are temporary, which means they remain in place for a period of time and then are removed. The purpose […]

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Orthodontic Splint

How Can Conservative Care Influence Orthodontics

Conservative care is a concept that crosses boundaries in the medical industry. New approaches to less-invasive care have been showing up in dentistry more frequently. Conservative care aims to provide positive outcomes without immediately resorting to surgical solutions. This is accomplished through various approaches, including the use of medication, physical therapy, and minimally-invasive procedures. What […]

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Beautiful Smile From Woman

What is Aesthetic-Driven Orthodontics?

Having straighter teeth doesn’t just have to be for your health – it can also be a way to treat yourself, especially if you decide to see a cosmetic dentist for treatment! Many restorative and cosmetic dentists have begun taking on orthodontics as a specialty for their practices and also have worked orthodontic treatments such […]

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Orthodontic Retainer

Why General Dentists Are Becoming Orthodontic Specialists

There’s been a growing trend among general dentists. Recent statistics have shown that more of these dental professionals seek to move into a specialty. One typical specialty that is shown to be quite popular is orthodontics. This specialization allows them to offer their patients a greater range of services. They can also offer these specialist-grade […]

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3D Model of Braces

How The Osteoclastic Bone Affects Orthodontic Tooth Movement

It’s common for orthodontists to go over the details of your treatment in significant detail before the day of the procedure arrives. While they cover what they’ll be doing and what you should expect, they often skim over the actual mechanics of the procedure. While this information isn’t necessary for the successful completion of the […]

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White spot lesions

Post-Orthodontic White Spots? How It Can Be Prevented

Previously, we’ve talked about white spot lesions, which are demineralized areas of enamel that are caused by plaque accumulation along with the enamel layer. If you have cases of white spot lesions, then your orthodontist can most likely treat it through regular fluoride treatments and acid microabrasion to help eliminate these areas and fortify the […]

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Woman experiencing dental pain

Our Strategies For Treating Orthodontic Pain

Getting orthodontic appliances can be an exciting time. It marks the beginning of a journey to improving your overall smile and improving oral health. Whether you’re adjusting your jaw or realigning the position and angle of your teeth, it can be an involved process. The adjustments that are being made can understandably produce some discomfort […]

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TeleDentistry Vector

How Teledentistry Can Improve Access To Orthodontic Care

Advancing technology has brought with it many changes in the medical world. Fueled by the ongoing pandemic, the rise of telehealth services is among them. While telehealth services have been a reality for decades, the advent of the internet has changed its nature. There are more services available than ever. Patient portals set the stage […]

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The Role Of Orthodontic Anchorages In Treatment

Mail-order orthodontics and DIY braces are seeing a disturbing rise in popularity over the past year. If either of these practices sounds risky at best and dangerous at worst, you’re right to be concerned. All financial considerations aside, one of the driving forces behind their popularity is a lack of understanding about the risks involved. […]

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Mail-Order Orthodontics: Are They Safe?

Recent social media trends have led to a growing number of people considering or even trying at-home teeth aligners and braces. A lot is driving this movement, with financial considerations leading the pack. Social media is packed with hundreds of influencers and review sites talking up this new type of orthodontic treatment like it’s a […]

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