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Spring Cleaning Your Orthodontic Routine

As we embrace the freshness of spring, many of us dive into the annual spring cleaning ritual. Beyond decluttering closets and scrubbing floors, it’s an ideal time to revamp and refresh our orthodontic care routines. At Massih Orthodontics in Glendale, CA, Dr. Karmen Massih offers a comprehensive guide to ensure your orthodontic regimen remains pristine.

1. Renew Your Oral Hygiene Arsenal

Begin with the basics: your toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. If you’ve been using the same toothbrush for more than three months or its bristles appear frayed, it’s time to replace it. For those with Invisalign, ensure you clean your aligners with the recommended solutions, not toothpaste, which can be abrasive.

2. Fortify with Fluoride

Spring signifies growth and strengthening. Extend this philosophy to your teeth. Incorporate a fluoride mouthwash into your routine to reinforce tooth enamel, making it resilient against potential cavities.

3. Rethink Your Diet

The onset of spring means a bounty of fresh produce. Opt for crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots, which can naturally clean teeth. Simultaneously, reduce sugary beverages and snacks, which can be detrimental, especially for those with traditional braces.

4. Scheduled Maintenance

As you’d service your HVAC for the upcoming summer, your teeth need professional maintenance. Schedule a dental check-up to address potential cavities or gum issues. If you’re undergoing orthodontic treatments, ensure your regular visits to Massih Orthodontics aren’t overlooked.

5. Deep Clean with Teeth Whitening

Winter can often lead to stains from various comfort foods and beverages. Refresh your smile with a teeth whitening session. It can uplift not only your appearance but also your confidence.

6. Wear Protective Gear

Spring can prompt an uptick in outdoor activities and sports. If you’re engaged in any contact sports, wearing a mouth guard is crucial, especially if you have braces. It safeguards against potential injuries and protects your orthodontic investment.

7. Stay Educated

New advancements in orthodontics emerge regularly. Stay updated. For instance, InBrace is an innovative approach where braces work their magic from behind the teeth. Knowledge about such advancements can optimize your orthodontic journey.

Dr. Massih’s Pro Tip

“Spring is a season of renewal,” remarks Dr. Karmen Massih. “Your oral and orthodontic care should be no different. A refreshed routine not only maintains oral health but can also expedite your orthodontic treatment.”

Embrace Spring with a Refreshed Orthodontic Routine

Let your orthodontic care mirror this revitalization as flowers bloom and the environment undergo its rejuvenation. By tweaking your routine, you not only pave the way for optimal oral health but also ensure your orthodontic treatments conclude efficiently. Massih Orthodontics stands ready to assist in this seasonal transition in the vibrant Glendale, CA community. Helmed by the expertise of Dr. Karmen Massih, our clinic is dedicated to crafting radiant smiles all year round. Ready for your orthodontic spring cleaning? Dial 818-507-1515 and let’s embark on this refreshing journey together.


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Dr. Karmen Massih Inspired by orthodontics at the age of 10, Dr. Karmen Massih earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine at UCLA's School of Dentistry. After earning her certificates in orthodontics at the University of Pittsburgh, she returned to her hometown of Glendale, CA, to begin Massih Orthodontics, a practice dedicated to transforming smiles for people of all ages.