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InBrace is teeth straightening on autopilot with a personalized Smartwire™ hidden behind your teeth that gently perfects your smile.

Why InBrace Is Different

Smarter. Straighter. Smoother. Wow-ier.
The revolutionary Smartwire effortlessly aligns your teeth according to your personalized treatment plan. No visible wires. No trays. Just WOW.

The Smartwire is Unlike Anything Else…

A comfortable experience with results that show sooner and a treatment that understands you’ve got bigger things to do.

Behind Your Teeth

Your personalized Smart wire sits behind your teeth so only you and your orthodontist know it’s there.

Less ick

No metal mouth. No visible stains.


Smartwires are programmed to deliver gentle, continuous forces – just like autopilot for your mouth.

More you time

InBrace continually self-adjusts reducing office time and overall treatment time with an average of 12 months, with treatment time that’s half the time of other options. So you can do more life stuff and less treatment stuff.

License to live

Go ahead – sip that coffee, kiss that cutie, lean in closer. With In Brace, you can eat, drink, brush, floss, and carry on as usual while in treatment.

Less pain, more gain

InBrace is everything other straightening systems aren’t – including completely hidden.

How InBrace Works

Customized Smartwire Moves Your Teeth With GentleForce™ Technology

1. Scan

An orthodontist will scan and create a 3D image of the inside of your mouth to personalize your Smartwire™ for predictable results.

2. Design

InBrace will program your Smartwire with Gentleforce technology based on your orthodontist’s treatment plan. So your teeth start moving gently into place—like autopilot.

3. Smile Now

Let the wow begin! You can start smiling on day 1 because InBrace is completely concealed (even up close). And there are no painful monthly tightenings or tray changes required, so while the Smart wire is back there doing its thing, you can keep doing your thing.

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