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Orthodontic Treatment Planning: What to Expect

Orthodontic treatments represent a substantial commitment, both in time and resources. Knowing what to expect can demystify the process and enhance your experience. Nestled in the heart of Glendale, CA, Massih Orthodontics, led by the experienced Dr. Karmen Massih, offers a transparent and tailored approach to orthodontic treatment planning.

Initial Consultation: The Starting Point

Your journey toward a radiant smile begins with an initial consultation. This is a window of opportunity for both the patient and the orthodontist to become acquainted.

  1. Discussion of Concerns: Here, you can voice out your dental concerns, whether it’s about misaligned teeth, bite issues, or even aesthetic enhancements.
  2. Dental Examination: Dr. Karmen Massih will conduct a thorough examination, considering your dental history and the current state of your teeth.

Diagnostic Procedures: Mapping the Path

A comprehensive understanding of your oral setup is pivotal. Modern diagnostics play a crucial role here.

  1. Dental X-rays: These are pivotal in understanding the alignment of your teeth and jaws.
  2. Photographs: Frontal and profile images provide valuable insights into facial symmetry and aesthetics.
  3. Dental Impressions: This creates a mold of your teeth, offering a tangible reference for treatment planning.

Treatment Options: Choosing the Right Course

Post-diagnosis, you’ll be presented with various treatment options based on your unique needs.

  1. Traditional Metal or Clear Braces: Ideal for various misalignment issues, these are the most common orthodontic fixtures.
  2. InBraces: These are hidden braces that straighten teeth discreetly from the back.
  3. Invisalign: A series of clear aligners, perfect for those who prioritize aesthetics during treatment.

Cost and Duration Estimation

Transparent communication is the cornerstone of trust. Once a treatment option is selected, Dr. Massih will provide a clear breakdown of the costs involved and the estimated duration of the treatment.

The Role of Additional Services

Sometimes, the primary orthodontic treatment can be complemented by additional services to enhance results or fast-track the process.

  1. TMJ Treatment: If jaw joint disorders are detected, TMJ treatments can alleviate pain and improve function.
  2. Teeth Whitening: Many opt for teeth whitening after orthodontic treatments to add an extra sparkle to their smile.
  3. Children Orthodontics: For younger patients, early intervention can simplify treatments in later years.

Routine Check-ups: Staying on Track

Post the initiation of treatment, regular check-ups ensure everything is progressing as planned. It’s also a great time to address any discomfort or queries.

A Glimpse into Aftercare

Orthodontic treatments don’t end once the devices are removed. Retainers might be recommended to ensure teeth don’t return to their original positions. Aftercare instructions, both in terms of oral hygiene and dietary guidelines, will be provided.

Ready to Embark on Your Orthodontic Journey?

Understanding the roadmap to your orthodontic treatment can ease apprehensions and make the journey smoother. At Massih Orthodontics, we prioritize your comfort and clarity at each step. Located conveniently in Glendale, CA, we’re ready to guide you through each phase of your treatment plan. Have questions, or are you ready to begin? Reach out to Dr. Karmen Massih and the team by dialing 818-507-1515 today. Your journey to a confident smile is just a call away.


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Dr. Karmen Massih Inspired by orthodontics at the age of 10, Dr. Karmen Massih earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine at UCLA's School of Dentistry. After earning her certificates in orthodontics at the University of Pittsburgh, she returned to her hometown of Glendale, CA, to begin Massih Orthodontics, a practice dedicated to transforming smiles for people of all ages.