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Protecting Your Teeth And Gums With Five Critical Nutrients

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Keeping up the amount of Vitamin D and calcium we get as part of our daily nutrients is considered an important part of developing healthy teeth and bones. What if we told you that it doesn’t stop there, though? While these two nutrients do represent the most frequently cited things that are important for good oral health, there are a host of other nutrients that the tissues of our oral cavity require as well. Let’s take a little time to explore these important parts of our diet and how they benefit our oral health.


Five More Critical Nutrients You Need To Ensure Good Oral Health

Each nutrient that our body needs is important to it functioning properly, and it’s essential that we get enough of all of them. Any deficit in the amount we need can result in serious problems for our health down the line, and our oral health is no exception. Five of the most essential nutrients for a beautiful and healthy smile are listed below:

  • Calcium – Calcium is a nutrient that helps develop our core skeletal structure, as well as provides strength and durability to our teeth. At every point of our lives, it’s important to ensure that our intake meets our body’s needs.
  • Vitamin A – This nutrient is about more than just eyesight, playing an important role in our immune system and the health of our gums as well. It also helps ensure that we are able to maintain proper levels of saliva and aids our gums in repairing everyday damage.
  • Fluoride – This one is specifically important for maintaining the health of our teeth and helping our enamel resist the ravages of biofilm, such as plaque.
  • Vitamin D – This nutrient is calcium’s best buddy, and together they do amazing work strengthening teeth and bones. In addition, vitamin D works to protect our gums against the ravages of streptococcus mutans, the bacteria responsible for periodontal disease.
  • Iron – Healthy blood cells are essential in maintaining the health of our whole body, so it should be clear why it finds its way onto this list. Lack of iron can make us sluggish and impact our body’s ability to heal from injury.

There are ongoing studies that look into every aspect of how our bodies function, and they continue to find new and interesting ways in which vitamins and minerals help our body perform at its best. Recent research into Vitamin D reveals that it is one of our body’s chief natural defenses against the bacteria responsible for periodontal disease everywhere it can appear. This includes the teeth, gums, and even the bloodstream.

Get Ongoing Advice From Your Dentist About Oral Health-Based Nutrition

Giving advice about a good diet for your oral health is a common part of the dentist’s job. This makes them a great resource for those trying to ensure that their diet contains everything their beautiful smile needs. Get advice from your practitioner by calling to schedule a new visit with them today!

Dr. Karmen Massih Inspired by orthodontics at the age of 10, Dr. Karmen Massih earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine at UCLA's School of Dentistry. After earning her certificates in orthodontics at the University of Pittsburgh, she returned to her hometown of Glendale, CA, to begin Massih Orthodontics, a practice dedicated to transforming smiles for people of all ages.